Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does anyone know a website that tells you which Bonsai plants are dangerous for cats?

I'm thinking of getting bonsai plant but I don't want to hurt my cat. Any suggestions?|||any cat care website may be able to help search, different search engines|||um i would go to GARDEN PLANTS.COM to get some information first

How to get rid of white fly or white mold on veggy plants or bonsai trees?

Here in Florida my plants are constantly bombarded with that annoying White Fly insect and the white, powdery mold or fungus on the leaves. It happens on both my vegetable plants, mini rose plants and my little juniper bonsai trees. How do I get rid of both of those problems?|||Take a solution of weak vinegar and water, wet a rag and wipe the leaves down. Your white fly insect problem should disappear (I lived in Hawaii and got these buggers on all my plants). You might have to do this several times before they leave it alone.

For fungus on plants, leave in the sun for a day or two, it should kill it. If left alone, the mold will turn black and decay your plant.

How to prevent bonsai tree from drying?

I was just wondering how to prevent my bonsai from drying,because it seems that it is starting to dry,since it's a winter,it's normal,but where should i keep it:near the window or away from the window,and should i drop a few drops on water on leafs? Thanks ahead.|||Give it indirect sunlight. They like humidity, so you could bring it into the bathroom with you when you take a shower and/or mist it with a spray bottle every so often.|||Assuming that your tree is getting sufficient light in its indoor environment and is being watered properly, here is the traditional solution to humidity problems: The Japanese use a humidity tray (called a sui ban) filled with water and kept near the tree. You can also fill the humidity tray with smooth stones or pebbles.|||All plants normally grow outdoors; however, some can be conditioned to survive indoors. Plants need proper light, moisture, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and maintenance to be successfully grown indoors.The best species of bonsai for indoor growing are: Ficus, Schefflera, Buttonwood, Norfolk Island Pine, Texas Ebony, Brazilian Raintree, Fukien Tea, Jacaranda, Black Olive, Nicodemia, Cuphea, Aralia, Bamboo, Jades. It is very difficult to grow other species indoors.

Find a bonsai club or nursery in your area for advise.|||It depends on what kind of bonsai you have. Some need humidity. A humidity tray. The plant should not be moved around.

This site has a species guide and directions on how to take care of your bonsai.

http://www.bonsai4me.com|||They need to be watered about 6 times a day. They will die if not watered a lot.

Good luck.

How often do you need to trim a bonsai?

I just got a japanese pepper tree bonsai. Not really sure as to how often i need to trim it, i mean i dont want to over do it, and end up killing it or something.|||Hi,

Pruning of bonsai trees should be done mostly in the growing season of the plant. Basic pruning can be classified into form pruning and maintenance pruning. Form pruning is carried out to give a shape to your bonsai plant where as maintenance pruning needs to be done through out the year to remove dead foliage or cut the extra growth.

Hope this information was useful to you. For more information on bonsai pruning please visit the link


How long does it take to bonsai a tree worth around 拢100. Or what are the fastest growing bonsai tree's?

bonsai tree|||Some of the best bonsai trees in Japan can be over 200 years old. If it's worth 拢100 I would guess that it would be at least 10-15 years old.

Bonsai trees aren't meant to grow fast... if you want something fast growing, just plant a regular tree and then trim it as it grows to make it into a bonsai. By pruning the tree while it is very small, you can train it to make a large number of branches in a very small area.|||If you are concerned about money, then you need to forget about bonsai. A bonsai will mean more to you if you consider it's intricate value instead. It will become more personal. You are welcome to read the Bonsai Care page of my site:

http://www.american-bonsai.com , then look at the various species.

You'll want to consider if you want an indoor or outdoor tree first, then go from there.|||Bansai aren't fast growing. That's the point.

If you want instant gratification you have to find a naturally stunted tree and begin the process. Then nurture it with careful pruning...........that's the point. The beauty.

have fun looking....hemlock growing out of a rock outcrop comes to mind.|||a bonsai tree needs 10 years to look really bonsai like. for it to be worth that much may take 20-30 years from seed according to the plant.

Does anyone know of a good reference or website for the care of a bonsai tree?

I have a spruce bonsai that is appearing to be out growing its current pot (5in x 3in x 2in). I have had it for 3 months as I received it as a valentine's gift. I want to make sure that I can do all that I can for this plant and am considering taking this up as a hobby (especially if I am successful). When I do this transplant, will I have to prune the roots? What I am looking for is fail proof guide on what to do when transplanting this plant.

Thanks in advance for your advice.|||Here is one, I hope you find it helpful....

http://www.bonsai4me.com/AdvTech/ATPicea鈥?/a>|||You might want to look at the Bonsai Care page on my website:

http://www.american-bonsai.com . You are also welcome to email me at:

wchoat@american-bonsai.com and I'll send you specific care instructions for spruce bonsai.|||Hi, I just recently bought a Bonsai after wanting one since 1984 yes yes since The Karate Kid came out but thats a long time and I didnt just rush in I have a really good book with lots of good advice and diagrams it is called "Bonsai Basics" By Colin Lewis, Aura Garden Guides. It can be bought at most large Garden Centres... I am guessing that is not an advert.

What type of food should i give my bonsai tree?

I have a lovely little bonsai tree who is green and healthy but my dad says I need to get some bonsai food for it. When I finally got round to buying the bonsai food there was a decision between whether to get liquid food or solid and I wasn't sure what is easiest and best for it.

Thanks for your help :)|||I have an adorable little bonsai too!! In my manual it suggested you give it liquid food. But you should only start feeding it like 6 months after you get it or something. You should google a Bonsai guide.

Go BoNsAi!! :3|||This website will give you some basic information on Bonsai Care http://www.bonsai-garden.com/

Additionally there are a series of bonsai related articles that address specific issues growers of bonsai deal with http://www.bonsai-garden.com/bonsai-arti…

Goodluck!|||http://www.bonsai4me.com/Basics/Basics_F… This site gives the details about fertilizing.